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5 Musical Games

Here’s a video outlining 5 fun and easy games to play with your students using Google’s Song Maker.

Chrome Music Lab Intro

Here’s an introduction to Google’s Song Maker in Chrome Music Lab.

Check out my article for School Band & Orchestra Magazine. The article provides an introduction to Google’s Song Maker and ideas for teaching music composition.

Teaching Composition Using Google’s Song Maker

Written by Alex Ramirez
Published: 01 October 2020

Necessity is the mother of invention. Teaching music in a virtual environment can present challenges to the most seasoned educators. Teachers across the country are finding themselves in widely varying classroom situations, sometimes without instruments. As challenging as this new environment may be, it also presents opportunities to explore new and creative ways of making music…


Of the many digital composition resources available, Google’s Song Maker offers a highly intuitive and versatile composition tool.